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What to Wear for Your Engagement or Couples Photos: Outfit Inspo For Your Session

July 12, 2023

Isabel Henry

Choosing the right outfit for your couples or engagement session is a crucial element that significantly impacts the final outcome of your photos. As a photographer, I understand that the process can be overwhelming, but fear not! In this guide, I’ll provide you with valuable tips to help you select the best possible attire, ensuring that your outfits enhance your natural beauty and complement the stunning locations we’ll be shooting in.

Stay Away from Patterns: While patterns can be tempting, it’s best to steer clear of busy prints such as plaid, stripes, polka-dots, graphic tees, and large logos. Yes- this even means NO PLAID (even flannels!!). The goal is to avoid any distractions from you, your connection, and the beautiful surroundings. Instead, opt for solid-colored clothing like a classic solid button-down or a stylish henley. These timeless choices will always look fantastic in photos. Especially near Denver or anywhere in Colorado with mountains, simple colors will stand out against the busy, scenic backdrops or cityscapes.

Embrace Movement: During our session, I love to capture natural, candid moments that showcase the connection between you as a couple. To ensure you’re comfortable and free to move, choose outfits that allow for easy mobility. Flowy dresses or skirts can add a touch of elegance and create stunning visual effects when captured in motion.

Neutrals Are Your Friend: You can never go wrong with neutrals or earth-toned colors for your engagement photos. Timeless shades like cream, white, tan, black, forest green, light blue, gray, navy, blush pink, or burgundy can make you stand out while maintaining a classic look. However, if you’d like to incorporate a pop of color, go for it! Just ensure that the colors complement each other rather than match precisely. If you ask my opinion, you can never go wrong with white, cream or tan for engagement photos!

Bring a Change: If you’d like to diversify the look and feel of your photos, feel free to bring a second outfit for a mid-session change! Couples often bring a dressy look and a more casual one. Additionally, don’t forget to bring along accessories like hats, jackets, or sunglasses to add a dash of personality and flair to your looks.

Play with Texture and Layers: Choosing solid-colored outfits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity! Experiment with unique patterns and textures to inject visual interest into your photos. Incorporate elements like fringe, ruffles, layers, linen, or denim for a fun and captivating aesthetic. Vintage clothing shops or thrift stores can be treasure troves for finding distinctive textures that amplify your style.

Hair and Makeup: Consider scheduling your hair and makeup trial for your wedding day around the time of the engagement session. This way, you can ensure you look your best and have a cohesive look across both occasions. Remember to allow ample buffer time, as delays can be unexpected. If you need recommendations for hair and makeup professionals, don’t hesitate to ask—I’m here to help!

Stay True to You: Above all, remember that these photos are a reflection of you and your relationship. Your comfort and confidence in what you wear are paramount. Let your outfit choices be an authentic expression of your personality, ensuring that you feel amazing throughout the session. Don’t like these suggestions? Don’t use them! When you embrace your true selves, your photos will exude joy and capture your unique connection not matter what.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to look for in an outfit for your engagement or couples session, it’s time to get shopping! Here are some of my favorite places to shop for outfits for photos:


Free People

Old Navy


Abercrombie & Fitch


Ready to plan your Denver, Colorado or destination engagement photos? Contact me and let’s start planning your dream session!



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Isabel Henry

July 12, 2023

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